1.1 foundational work

Mindset Shift #1 : Establish Your Why

Mindset Shift #2 :
Your life does not change from consuming content.
Your life changes from EXECUTION

Mindset Shift #3 : Do not avoid failure, embrace it

Mindset Shift #4 : Vulnerability is strength

The most critical component of successfully building your business is UNDERSTANDING your WHY. If you don’t have a clear “why”, then you won’t have a clear underlying motivation to conquer overwhelm, and overcome adversity when inevitable stresses do come.

Take 5-10 minutes to complete this exercise. Really take the time to think through your answers. Once done, print this out, and put it somewhere you can see every day. In your morning and night routines, read these statements aloud.

When failures, overwhelm, and negative thoughts push you to give up, come back to this document, and re-read it to remind yourself of why you committed to this in the first place.

download the worksheet

The health + safety of your client should be your very first concern. Remember, you are working around their eyes and you can cause trauma if you are not alert and careful at all times.

Wash your hands with soapy water. A hand sanitizer gel can also be used in between clients.

All reusable tools (tweezers) should be sterilized + sanitized. All gel pads, tape, cleansing flock sticks + eyelash spoolie (comb) should be thrown out after each use. You MAY give the eyelash comb to your clients to take home. Many clients like having a comb at home, in the car + in their handbag.

Wear magnifiers (optional) so that you can distinctly see where the base of the natural eyelash enters the eyelid. You should NEVER touch the glue or remover to your clients skin. If glue or remover should enter the eye, flush immediately with SALINE and have them see their doctor. If glue should touch the skin, use a cleansing flock stick dipped in adhesive remover, pat once on paper towel to remove excess and quickly wipe the area. Then immediately use a soapy cotton swab to wash the area and then wipe with clear water. If remover should touch the skin, immediately use a soapy cotton swab to wash the area and then wipe well with clear water.

Always balance your hand by putting your little finger on clients cheek. Many clients fall asleep and make sudden jerks. By balancing your hand on their cheek, you will not poke them with your tweezers if they should jump. This method will also give you a steadier hand when applying lashes.

Do not get eye pads too close to the eyeball. Some clients natural face contours and/or sensitivity to the gel make it hard to use the eye pads. If necessary, you can use the paper tape to cover the lower lashes. Make sure to remove the tape slowly when finished to minimize pulling off the lower lashes. Applying the tape first to the back of clean hand will remove some of the stickiness making it easier to remove the tape from lower lashes when done.

Carefully examine your clients eyes for any lint from the eye pads or tiny lash hairs hanging down in the eye before they leave. If you don’t remove these little cotton fibers that occasionally get stuck to their lashes, they will cause your client some discomfort and they may disturb the extensions trying to get them off.

Never work with your clients eyes open!

Take your time, be alert and considerate and you will make this a safe + comfortable procedure for both you + your client.

While LashBabe Academy does its best to adequately train its students with its extensive Online Videos + Step by step Training manual, it is impossible to ensure that its products are always used and handled in a safe + proper way, Therefore, all products sold + bought from LashBabe ARE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK + ARE TO BE USED BY PROFESSIONALS ONLY.


the consultation:

There are many things to consider when choosing the appropriate lash extensions for your client: 

  • Length + type of natural lash
  • Lash Looks + Lash Mapping
  • Color of Lash Extension
  • Shape of the eyes

When deciding the length of the lash extensions to use, the rule is to make sure that the eyelash extension is no more than 1/2 to 1/3 longer than the natural eyelash or there will not be enough base to securely support the extensions. That said, I have clients that they insist they want the longest lashes I have. If they are insistent, I generally do not refuse them and will put on a slightly longer extension. However, I do inform them that there potentially may be a danger of premature fall out of their own natural lash + that the extensions may not stay on as long as a more appropriate extension, and that they will probably have to see me every one to two weeks to maintain them. Some happily make appointments every week and others eventually opt for the correct extension length for their lashes. It is also wise to inform them that continuous premature fall out of their natural lashes could potentially cause permanent damage. In other words, their natural lashes may not grow back. It is always wise to have them sign a waiver.

Curled natural lashes are harder to work with. Opting to place the extensions on the side of the natural lash may help the extension to bond correctly. However, inform these clients that they may have to see you every one + a half - two weeks for maintenance. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE BASE OF THE LASH EXTENSION IS GLUED FLAT TO THE NATURAL LASH. This is especially true with the curled natural lashes. The ‘C” type curl lash extension typically work best for these type of lashes.

Length + type of natural lash

•Natural Eye
•Open Eye
•Doll Eye
•Squirrel Eye
•Cat Eye

These different shapes are the most requested in my studio. Please see attached pics for mapping for these specific looks.

A wide variety of looks can be achieved with Extensions. A natural look will give a subtle enhancement to the eyes and generally uses the shorter lashes. Sometimes there is no choice here as the clients lashes may be very short + sparse. By adding more lashes, different lengths, different curls, different thicknesses + different patterns, a more glamorous look can be achieved.

Lash Looks + Lash Mapping

Black lash extensions are generally preferred + looks good on everyone.

color of lash extensions

Most clients will welcome suggestions on which effect will look best on them.

Round, droopy + small eyes look best with a “wide eye” effect. Small + flatter eyes will benefit from the wide eye effect as well but they will also look good with a “cat eye” effect.

Even after explaining your choice to them, some clients may prefer something else. I always defer them. I have several repeat clients who came to me after another salon/spa refused to give them the look they desired. 

I believe that older/mature clients look best with shorter lashes done in a “wide eye” effect. But as always, LISTEN to what your client is telling you they desire + accommodate them as best as possible.

Let all your clients know that they will not be able to rub their eyes while the extensions are on. Done correctly, eyelash extensions are so comfortable that many clients will forget they have them on. Until the client gets used to having the extensions on, they may accidentally, absentmindedly rub their eyes. Be aware that this action will stress and even break the glue bond and even their natural lashes.

Discuss everything honestly with your client. Let them know what you will be doing and that it is a completely comfortable procedure. If they choose to not take your suggestions, don’t argue with them. Do as they ask (within the rules of safety). They will either love it OR they will decide at their fill in that perhaps they would like to try your suggestions after all. Either way, they will be happy and you will build customer confidence + loyalty.

shape of the eyes

Recommend to your clients to refrain from any + all caffeinated beverages prior to their appointment. On many people, caffeine makes their eyelids twitch (even if they don’t realize it) which will make your job harder.


Your client will be with you 1-2 hours. You need to make sure that they are comfortable. Have a pillows + blankets available for them. If you’re not using a lash bed (massage table is an affordable option), make sure their neck + knees are supported. Many people cannot lay flat and still for the length of time + if they start to get twitchy, your job will become ten times harder + will take you longer to complete application. Play relaxing music + make sure there are no obnoxious odors to bother them. Many clients tell me they look forward to their next appointment all day so they can lay back + relax. Many clients fall asleep + are totally refreshed when they wake up, not to mention GORGEOUS with their new fluffy lashes.


  • Make sure your client is comfortable with pillows + blankets
  • Position yourself behind client at a comfortable height that allows you to see the base of their natural eyelashes clearly with your magnifying lenses on (again, that is optional).
  • If client has not washed their eyes, use your Lash Cleanser to gently remove dirt/oil/makeup. 
  • Wipe away cleanser with clear water. Otherwise, have them wash their own lashes with the lash cleanser in the restroom before they get on your lash table.
  • Dry for several minutes with your mini hand fan if necessary.

TIP : To save time, advise clients when scheduling to shower before appointment as no water should come in contact with lash extensions for 24 hours. Arrive with clean lashes (no mascara, shadow or lotions) After all, spending time removing their makeup means less time you spend on actual application. Also advise them to remove contacts prior to appointment + wear glasses to appointment, if able, instead. 


  • Before applying the anti wrinkle gel pads, wipe under the clients eyes with your cleanser to remove any oils, lotion or makeup to prevent gel pad from sliding. Rinse off with clear water. Apply gel pad by having client open their eyes and look back at you. Grasp the edges of the pad and gently place over lower lashes, covering all the lashes, being careful not to place pad into the eye. Have client close eyes and adjust pad if necessary until client is comfortable. 

TIP : Some clients will never be entirely comfortable with the pads. Remind them that you must cover the lower lashes or the upper lashes will be glued to the lowers, and then, the extensions will have to be removed. Most clients will settle down at that point + you will be able to proceed. You may also use the paper tape to cover corner lashes peeking out from the eye pads or to cover all their lower lashes if they cannot get comfortable, if the eyelid causes excessive watering or they prove to be allergic to them. Just be very gentle when removing it. The gel pads can also be trimmed with scissors if necessary.

  • Gently brush the lashes straight. Be aware that some clients will have perfectly straight lashes and others will have crossed, crumpled + curled lashes. Many clients natural lashes will be sparse + crumpled at the corners from either sleeping on them or from rubbing them. These will be harder to work with + shorter lashes should only be applied there. Let the client know the condition of their lashes before you start to apply the extensions. 
  • Occasionally a clients lashes will be so straight that they lay flat against the gel pad. If this occurs, tear of two, 2 inch pieces from the paper tape. Apply one end to the eyelid close to the eyelash base + gently pull the lid upwards slightly + secure to their forehead. When removing, gently pull from the forehead to the lid using your fingers to hold the eyelid skin down. 
  • Have your pattern in mind (REFER TO LASH MAPS IF NEEDED)
  • Wipe off tweezers tip with the alcohol
  • With the straight pointed tweezers in your dominant hand + curved tweezers in the other, pick off the desired lash extension off the tray with your dominant hand. 
  • Dip 1/2 of the extension into the droplet of glue on your jade stone or adhesive tray. You want to end up with only a very SMALL dot of glue at the end of extension. ReDip into adhesive if there is any excess adhesive on lash extension. If you have the correct amount of adhesive on the extension, the extension should almost “SNAP” to the natural lash when let go + stay upright. Using too much adhesive will take longer to set + cause clumping. Using too little glue will cause the extension to fall off prematurely.
  • With your other hand + using the curved tweezers, separate the natural eyelashes until you isolate ONE individual lash. 

TIP : If you are having trouble isolating a single lash, use both tweezers to separate. Being careful not to move curved tweezers once you’ve isolated, use your dominant hand to pick up a lash extension. It will become easier with practice.

Depending on your clients wishes + your analysis of their face/eye shape, there are several different ways to apply lash extensions. Generally a natural look takes about 30 to 45 lashes per eye. (Also take the thickness of lash extensions into consideration). A full look will take about 45 to 60 lashes per eye + a mega full look will take 60-90 lashes per eye. Of course you can only apply as many extensions as they have natural lashes. Don’t be surprised when your client wants you to make her very sparse lashes very full + thick. You will need to explain to her that you can only apply as many extensions as they have natural lashes. However, you can make her very sparse lashes look fuller by interspersing different sizes + lengths throughout.

patterns & placement


wide eye

cat eye

Volume + Mega Volume

Fuller with the longest lashes in center of lid. Start with 8mm at the inner corners + place a few lashes to about 1/3 of the way across the lid. Place a few 10mm in between the 8mm starting about 1/4 of the way in from the inner corner + go all the way across the lid to the other corner of the eye. Place 12mm lashes in between 10mm lashes starting about the 1/3 of the way in from the inner corner, go across lid + stop about 2/3 of the way from the outer corner. If your client desires, you could also take the 12mm lashes all the way to the outer corner for a longer overall look. You can also place some 14mm in between the 12mm lashes around the center of the eyelid if the clients wants the most glamorous wide eye look.

Fuller + slightly longer look. Start with 8mm in the inner corners (shorter lashes are used at the inner corner to avoid pricking the eyelid skin when blinking) + place evenly all across the eye to outer corner. Using 10mm, apply in between the 8mm lashes. Repeat pattern with the same formula until 30-45 lashes per eye have been applied (this is just an approximate amount. Every client will be different, depending on their natural lashes)

Fuller with the shorter lashes at the inner corner to outer third of the lid + longest lashes at the outer corners. For the ultimate glamorous look, the cat eye beats all. It is not a look everyone can wear (best on eyes that are not round). Place 10mm C curl lashes starting near the inner corner ( place 8mm at the most inner corner) to about midway across the lid. Place some 12mm from midway across the lid to the outer corner. Place some 14mm D curl in between the 12mm to the outer corner. You could also do more 12mm D curl if the 14mm are too long.

Extra full looks using any pattern desired. 45-60 extensions per eye for Volume. 60-90 extensions per eye for MV.
  • Make sure all lashes are separated by using your tweezers to gently stroke through the lashes from the base to the tips. If you encounter lashes that are stuck together, gently use both tweezers to separate them by pulling them apart from the center of the lash if possible. Do not peel off the lash.
  • Gently lift all lashes up from the gel pad by placing your tweezers under the lashes + lifting to make sure that no lashes have adhered to the pad. 
  • Begin at the outer corners + gently peel the gel pad away from your clients skin.


TIP : Occasionally some of the upper lashes may be glued to the lower lashes even tho you were careful to cover them with the gel pad, especially at the outer corners. If this happens, grasp the upper lashes between your thumb + forefinger + hold the lower lid with your other hand. Give a quick, GENTLE tug upward with your gripping hand while holding the lower lid steady with your other hand. If the lashes are not glued together too securely, they will separate. If they still will not separate, you will need to carefully apply remover to the lash + take it off. Dip your cleansing stick into the remover + lightly dab it into your paper towel. Lift the lash up + away from your clients eye + stroke with the cleansing stick. You may need to do this a few times. BE VERY CAREFUL TO GO SLOWLY + DO NOT GET ANY REMOVER INTO THE EYE! IF REMOVER GETS INTO THE EYE, IMMEDIATELY FLUSH EYE WITH LOTS OF SALINE. Refer them to doctor if eye becomes red or irritated. Once lash is loose, use a new cleansing stick dipped in clear water to wipe the lash the eyelid of your client. ALWAYS HAVE SALINE SOLUTION CLOSE AT HAND TO RINSE THE EYE IF NECESSARY.

Fill ins/Touch ups require a little preparation before reapplying the lash extensions. Price according to the amount of time is needed to bring lashes back to a full set. 

TIP : I usually recommend that my clients come back in 2 weeks for their first fill in. At that time, I adjust the frequency as needed. If it has been more than 4 weeks, I charge client again for a new full set. I let the client know upfront what my policy is so there is no surprise. Depending on where you are located, I would never charge less than $150 for an initial set, $60 for an hour fill in + $30 for a 30 minute mini touch up. Just make sure to post up in a prominent place or inform your client of your policy to avoid misunderstandings. Adhere to your policy! Your work is worth it!

fill ins & touch ups

  • Make sure your clients know to wash their lashes thoroughly before coming to their appointment. If they haven’t washed their lashes, send them to the restroom with the lash cleanser + instruct them to wash + rinse gently but thoroughly. You will still need to clean them up a little more but at least the majority of mascara, lotions etc. will be off. Remind them that this takes away from their appointment + the amount of lashes you will be able to put on, so in the future, it will be best if they come with their eyes washed + ready for their application.
  • Apply the gel pads. Brush through the lashes with new comb to further loosen any lashes that are about to come off anyway. If you see any loose lashes, you can pop them off with your tweezers by gently pressing into the bonding point (squeezing action) to pop off extension. Lash extension should become even more loose + slide right off.

  • Establish which patterns + lengths you used + ask if they want the same applied again. If not, establish how they want to change their lashes before starting. If they are unhappy with some aspect of their lashes (such as excess shedding, fullness etc.) suggest an alternative design (shorter lashes, wide eye look, more frequent touch ups, go over at home care).

TIP : Remind clients that ALL oil based products (makeup remover, cleanser, eye liner, eye cream etc.) WILL weaken the glue bond. Including oil based soaps. That is why it is imperative to educate them on a lash specific cleanser + why they need to purchase one from you to take home with them. This cleanser will help keep their natural lashes clean + extends the life of their lash extensions. Proceed with new application.

clean up

Proper clean up will ensure the safety of your client + the long life of your tools + supplies.

  • Wipe your jade stone with a paper towel + a little pure acetone. Let it soak a minute if necessary + wipe clean.
  • Thoroughly clean the tips of your tweezers in the acetone. (In between clients, I let my tweezers sit in 70%- 90% alcohol + then wipe off before I start new client). At the end of the day, I soak all my tools in barbicide overnight. 
  • Wipe the tip of your glue bottle off with bond remover if necessary. (Close lid tightly every time you use your glue. It is important to not let moisture get in the adhesive + compromise it).
  • Place adhesive back in its little baggie that it came in + seal tight.
  • Place adhesive in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight. Remember to always shake well before each use.

Eyelash Extensions Care + Maintenance 

Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours following lash extension application.
Avoid tanning beds, steam from showers, saunas, hot yoga + swimming pools for 24 - 48 hours following lash extension application.

Wash the lashes with the oil + glycol free Lash specific cleanser 3 or more times per week in order to safely remove makeup + natural bacteria without compromising the beautiful lashes.

Avoid getting ANY products containing oil or glycol on the lashes at all times.
Keep fingers away from the lashes. Touching the lashes can result in transfer of bacteria + germs.

Prolonged exposure to tears + water (salt or swimming pool is included in this) will degrade the glue bond. Always keep the lashes clean as much as possible.
The use of manual lashes curlers are prohibited!

The natural lash cycle ranges from 45-90 days. When an older lash falls out, a new one grows in. Therefore, lash extension touch ups are RECOMMENDED between every 2-3 weeks.


What are Lash extensions made of?

Lash extensions are a synthetic mink, made of polyester. It is molded to properly adhere to natural lashes with a fine polished tip that is lightweight + natural looking.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

NO! With skilled application, normal maintenance + care, the lash extensions will not damage the natural lashes. However, using extensions that are too heavy or too long could cause the natural lashes to shed earlier than normal. Taking a “break” from the lashes for a month or two should be encouraged if you see premature shedding. CAUTION: REPEATED PREMATURE SHEDDING DUE TO THE ABOVE CAN POTENTIALLY CAUSE THE NATURAL LASHES TO SHED PERMANENTLY. Remember, as the professional, it is up to you to discern what is safe or not for your client. Always use your best judgement.

How long does application normally take?

Typically a full set can take two hours, fill ins- one hour + touch ups- thirty minutes. Don’t rush the process. While practicing on your mannequin head/friends/family, set the timer for yourself + see how many PERFECTLY PLACED extensions you can apply. When my staff was in training, I told them that clients would appreciate PERFECTLY PLACED fewer (clump free) lashes VS a ton of messy/clumpy lashes. Your clients know you are training, don’t focus too much on a certain number of lashes you need to place in order to feel successful. You will build your clients trust + loyalty if you take the time to make sure that what you do deliver, is the best you have at that time. Speed WILL come with dedicated practice. I PROMISE!

How long will the lash extensions stay on?

By following proper at home after care protocol, the lashes will stay on from 2-4 weeks. The bond life depends on many things such as: proper after care, proper preparation, proper application, using the correct size extension, excessive crying + natural lash turnover. For the longest bond life, the lash extensions should be no longer than 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the natural lash. Excessive steam will also affect the bond life. Natural lash turnover (cycle) is 60-90 days. Everyone is different. (You will start to learn your clients lash cycle the longer they are with you).

What are the going prices for applying lash extensions?

Depending on where you are located geographically, the amount of lashes applies + the exclusivity of your salon, spa or studio, you charge $150 to $600 per initial application. (I charge $300 in Wrightsville Beach NC) I DO feel that you should not drop below $150 due to the tedious nature of application.

All LashBabe Academy students are able to purchase our custom made products. Super discounted pricing than the most popular lash brands like PLA + LLBA.

 -3D volume lash fans : $11 per tray | 1000 fans

 -12D mega volume lash fans :
$16 per tray | 1000 fans

 - L curl : $14 per tray | 1000 fans

 - M curl : $14 per tray | 1000 fans

 - spike fans : $15 per tray | 1000 fans

 - adhesives : $25 per bottle

 - lash cleanser : $16 per bottle

 - super bonder : $25 per bottle

Iconic Lash Products






Every one of these products is what we use daily with our lash clients:

3D volume fans (.10 DIAMETER) D curl

12D mega volume fans (.03 DIAMETER) D curl

5D L curl
(.07 thickness)















5D M curl
(.07 thickness)




YY lashes
(.07 thickness)




7D Spiked lashes (.05 thickness) CC curl





Adhesive - versatile in all types of humidity

-Snatched (our most popular adhesive) : dries in .5 seconds

-Smooth : dries in 2-3 seconds

Having the most premium lash products will showcase your beautiful precision work even more. No one wants to feel plastic, hard lashes. No one wants to feel very fume(y) adhesive in their eyes. Everyone wants a gentle but thorough lash cleanser that doesn’t compromise their lash extensions. I’ve gone through many different companies and tested out so many different product brands and combined what I love about each each of them in my own custom line. The packaging may not be the most extravagant, but they’re top quality and at a discounted rate without the whole Amazon buy thing.