Our lash + brow services are both transformative & impactful for every woman’s unique outer beauty as well as her inner confidence. All of our lash & brow products, as well as retail products, have been meticulously hand selected by our dream team to the highest standards to best suit our valued clients.

about iconic lash


master lash artist

Lea Love (formerly LashBabe + Couture Lash) is Founder, Owner, Master Trainer, Business Coach + Master Lash Artist of Iconic Lash, Luxury Beauty Inc.

Lea first wants everyone to know that she loves Jesus! Without him, none of this would be possible. She has dedicated her business to him + is on a mission to let others know that you can have a Kingdom business and flourish!

Second, that she is a Wilmington local! Even tho she has lived + traveled all over the world, she says nothing comes close in comparison to Wilmington + is happy to call this beautiful place home. She is happily married to her husband, Chad, who is her biggest supporter, for 17 years. Together, they have four dogs + a cat ♥️

Her love for the beauty industry started at the age of 17 when she worked for Origins, an Estee’ Lauder company, as a makeup artist. From there, she attended beauty school + attained both her Esthetics + Cosmetology liscence in 2004. After she graduated, she hit the road + moved to Las Angeles + then to Las Vegas to be mentored under top beauty professionals. In 2012, she moved back to Wilmington to cultivate her lash artistry skills + birthed LashBabe in 2017. LashBabe evolved into Couture Lash in 2019 and then into Iconic Lash in 2022.

Through her advanced training + experience over the years, Lea has created a unique, one of a kind online lash academy mentorship + has had multiple students from all over North Carolina take her course. These graduates have gone on to become successful lash artists + thrive in the lash industry! If you’re interested in her mentorship, please click on the Academy tab.

Lea’s meticulous attention to detail + symmetry makes her a highly sought after lash artist. Women drive + fly in from all over the east coast just to be able to get lash extensions from her. What starts out as a professional relationship, always turns into a beautiful friendship + that is what she is most proud of.


emotional support dog

Leo is the lash studio emotional support pup. He is in charge of greeting every client with a smile, kisses & a wagging tail.